Welcome to the Beginning

Hey you! Thanks for taking a moment and opening up this blog post. If you don’t know me, my name is Danielle and my husband’s name is Joshua (or JT but not Josh, because yes it matters).  We’re new to the married game but are absolutely loving it. Although we’ve only been married for almost three months at this point, we’ve already had to wrestle with some big things in our time together, and we are a becoming more of a unit every single day. Our own little tribe. So welcome to The Thomas Tribe!


If you know Joshua, he actually has his own blog, and you can find it at warmteaandcomicbooks.com. He is going to continue to write on that platform because it is just one of those things that makes Joshua, Joshua. If you know me, you’ll know I had a blog. It was a place that I wrote to process all that was happening while I was leading up to and going through Youth With A Mission. Shortly after returning from being abroad, I stopped posting on that platform. I had too much happening in my life, and although I continued to write, I wasn’t in a place to share the majority of that work.

So that brings us to, why are we starting another blog? The answer is pretty simple: I’m in a place that I want to share my writing again. It’s something I’ve been wrestling with for a while, because the “blogging world” is kind of insane right now. I also have the fear factor because in my last blog if the content wasn’t perfect, or exactly how I wanted it to be, I just wouldn’t post it. Then I would get discouraged because it had a been a couple weeks without posting and felt like I couldn’t start up again.

So here is our fresh start. Our hope is to post on things that we love, what’s going on in our lives, and maybe even share a video here and there. We don’t really know what this will hold, and we don’t have high expectations. We are just two misfits who love the Lord and who need a creative outlet.

“You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream” – CS Lewis

This is our dream, and you’re a part of it. So, thank you, our dear reader, for taking the time and reading this short little post. For making it all the way to the end. We are so incredibly thankful for you, and we hope that you’ll continue to check us out.

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